Hey y’all! I’m Mary Allison Yancey, and welcome to Heart and Home. Yes, I go by Mary Allison, it’s a Southern thing. I’m a wife to Ian, who is the kindest man I’ve ever met, and we have one fur child, Opie.  I am a follower of Jesus and I try to pursue him in everything I do, because he loves me perfectly. There’s almost nothing that I don’t like, and one of my favorite things is to hear other people’s stories. 

My whole life I’ve been passionate about so many different things, but I’ve always been told that I had to narrow it down to be successful. When I started my real estate career, I realized that the reason I was so drawn to helping people during that phase of life was because home encompasses so many amazing things that happen throughout our lives. 

Family and having joy in the way you live your life are the core of my passions: that’s why I decided to create a place to share anything and everything related to helping cultivate those two things, while sprinkling important pieces about real estate along the way. There may be no real pattern or method to the craziness that is the Heart and Home blog, but I hope you find some jewels that help you enjoy life or even find a home you love while reading along with me!